My name is Jenny, welcome to my food blog. 

Cooking/baking is something I have enjoyed learning and doing for many years. Growing up in a house where a TV dinner was unheard of may be why cooking has become like a second language to me. Personally, cooking is not just about eating, it's the experience of being in the kitchen, inventing new dishes, experimenting with different ingredients, and coming up with new creative baking ideas.  

I created this space in January 2012 primarily as a place to keep my recipes organized and share my creations with family and friends.

Why One Classy Dish?
I believe food can taste good, look good, and be good for you all in one dish. My "OCD" organization, cleanliness, and drive for perfection has been an ongoing joke with my family and friends for many years; therefore, presentation of a dish is always something important to me. 

The Recipes
The recipes you'll find on my blog are either original creations, recreations of an existing recipe, or recipes shared by family and friends. 

You'll find that one thing I try to do is make dishes that are practical, health conscious, fresh, and affordable. Today everyone is always on the go; therefore, I try to utilize items that make the cooking life easier and less time consuming, slow cookers, pre-cut veggies, and freshly frozen products are some examples.

 Contact Me
You can email me at jjareb@hotmail.com 

Happy Cooking! Enjoy :) 

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