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I always buy beef, pork, chicken, salmon, and any other fish fresh and pack to freeze myself. I find this way I avoid freezer burn and can portion the proteins to my liking. I find that the Glad Press'n Seal is the best product to pack food and avoid freezer burn. For good prices and quality products, I buy most of my pork and fish products at Costco in bulk and freeze it in portions. I find chicken, beef, and ground meats cheaper at local stores in the weekly ads. Below, I cut a full fillet of salmon into 4-5 oz pieces and used the press'n seal product to wrap each fillet. I then laid all of the fillets flat inside a freezer gallon sized Ziploc that I labeled and dated. Place the bag in the freezer and you are good to go! I defrost only the amount I need each time and the rest stays frozen. For example, with salmon I place the amount I want to defrost in a new Ziploc bag, place the bag in a bowl filled with cold water, check every few minutes and turn as needed until defrosted. 


I have come to find that I hate cleaning out my crock pot after every meal. The Reynolds SlowCooker Liners can be pricy, at $2.99 for 4 bags, but they are worth every penny! Just place one liner in SlowCooker and after you are done cooking you can just pull out the bag and toss it right in the trash, easy clean up, quick rinse of the crock pot bowl and lid. 


I cannot get enough of this product. I love rice, particularly brown rice, but I hate cooking it fresh each time I make a meal. I tried Trader Joe's frozen rice in a bag and instantly loved it. It cooking in 3 minutes in the microwave and I am always pleased with how amazing it turns out. They sell three types, brown rice, a rice melody, and jasmine rice. They even sell organic too, all three are great products to have in the house. They vary in price, around $4 per box with 3 bags, but they are worth it if you are cooking for 2-3 people. If you are cooking for a large family or an event it is cheaper to cook dry rice.


There have been times when I needed fresh garlic, cilantro, and basil for sauces or salsa and of course I don't always have them on hand. Trader Joes sells these small containers in the frozen section. They are mini ice trays and each have about a tablespoon of freshly frozen herbs and garlic that always comes in handy when I need it most. 

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