Friday, July 4, 2014

4th of July Flag Cake

  • 2 Red Velvet Cakes 8", cut
  • 1 White Cake 8", Cut into 6" circle
  • 1 Blue Velvet Cake 8 in"
  • Butter-cream Frosting, 2 batches 
  • Sprinkles, red & blue 
1. Torte (basically cut in half lengthwise) using a bread knife or a baking knife. Cut all of these cakes EXCEPT THE BLUE CAKE, so you have two thin red pieces & two thin white pieces. 

2. Frost the top of the one of the thin piece of red cake. Place the white layer on top of the red layer. Then place the other red layer on to the top of the white & frost the top.

3.  You need to cut out a 4 inch circle as a guide, in the blue layer (remember do not torte this tier). Place the outer ring on the top of the tree layers, red, white, red. Then cut out an inner 4 inch circle from the last red layer & the last white layer. Frost the 4 inch white layer & top it with the 4 inch red later. Place the inner circle into the blue ring with the red layer on top to continue the red & white patter. Since the blue layer is twice as think as the red & white the two layers together should match the height. Make sure to even out the top of the cake if necessary to keep the top flat.

4.  Crumb coat the cake, basically cover the cake with a thin layer of frosting & chilling the layers will help prevent messy crumbs and hold the whole thing together better.  You might also want to coat the inside of the hollowed out blue velvet circle layer to better hold the inner stripe layers to the outer blue cake after its cut.

5. Once the cake has chilled in the fridge for 20 minutes or so, frost the cake once again with a clean layer of frosting to cover the crumb layer. Then decorate with sprinkles, stars, or any other patriotic decorations.

Cutting the Cake
1.  Chill the cake. As long as you put a good coating of frosting on it the cake should not dry out.

2.  Use hot water and a hot clean knife. Between slices, clean the knife & rinse with very hot water.

3.  Make sure the knife is completely dry after dipping it in the hot water with each slice.

Plate Finished Product

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